Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

Athletes need to create a physical platform to support the volume of training associated with endurance sports. Metabolically we can make progress quickly in our aerobic fitness, strength however lags behind, hence the higher ratio of injuries in new athletes or when we increase our training volumes.Basically you can have a V8 engine but it’s built around a ‘Rusty Chassis’ so you’ll never get the performance outcomes that your cars capable of!By following the program twice a week you will develop fundamental strength & support basic functional movement patterns associated with triathlon it will also aid in:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Improved Economy of movement
  • Allows greater capacity for increased work load

We will be integrating the following programs into the Monday night track sessions, should anyone have concerns with injuries or technique please see the coaching team to discuss.

Lower Body Development

Squats Step over lunges (right & left)Step up knee drives Jump Squats Progression Week 01-04 – 3 Sets Week 05-09 – 4 Sets Week 10-14 – 5 Sets

Basic Core Plan

PlankSide planks Pedestal Mountain climbers Advancement on the basic above is to add leg lifts Progression Week 01-04 hold 30 secs Week 05-08 hold 45 secs Week 09-12 hold 1 min

More information is available on the  Virtual Training Page

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