Virtual Training

Solo training ideas


Make use of the online swim focused strength videos available and tailor to suit your own requirements and ability. It is a good time to keep those shoulders activated. See swim strength videos on YouTube. Alternatively see strength and conditioning below.


Coach Paul Bruton has been running Zwift meetups every Tuesday 7:30pm and Thursday 6:30pm. These have been working well. Sessions can also be completed if you do not have a Zwift subscription or a smart trainer.

NEWTs are also joining in the Welsh Triathlon Zwift Grand Tour 2020.

Contact us for more information on how to join the NEWT turbo sessions or Grand Tour.

Global Cycling Network workout videos

NEWT tube changing video. Follow the video to increase your confidence.


See Lliswerry Runners page for solo training ideas and example run sessions. Alternatively, speak to a NEWT coach or post your questions on the Facebook Group.

Strength and general fitness

Check out our page on strength and conditioning. You can also make use of the online videos available on YouTube etc. Tailor all workouts to your own needs and ability. The daily PE with Joe Wicks seems to be a great one for the whole family. 

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