Swim Lanes

Lane allocations are based on current/recent best 400m F/C and 200m swim times. These are used to calculate your Critical Swim Speed (CSS)

Click here for the allocated swim lanes and calculated CSS


You must swim in the correct lane as advised by the coaches. Regular checks on ability and suitability for your lane will take place during sessions.

Sessions are posted in advance, if you are injured or ill you may swim down a lane/group however you must swim at that lane's pace and content of session and must inform the lead coach beforehand.


Depending on attendee's each session, certain lanes may become busier than others - if in these scenarios it is the lead coach’s decision who moves up or down a lane to maximum available space, ensure safety of all swimmers and to allow you to have a quality training session.


Lanes are organised by 400m swim times.

Tuesday Sessions

Lane 1   9.15+

Lane 2   8.30 - 9.15

Lane 3   7.45 - 8.30

Lane 4   7.15 - 7.45

Lane 5   6.45 - 7.15

Lane 6   6.15 - 6.45

Lane 7   5.45 - 6.15

Lane 8   Sub 5.45


Thursday Sessions

Lane 1   8.30 +

Lane 2   7.15 - 8.30

Lane 3   6.15 - 7.15

Lane 4   Sub 6.15


Open Water Sessions

Group 1                8.30 +

Group 2                6.45 - 8.30

Group 3                Sub 6.45


Open Water Training


Sessions between May-September depending on water temperature and agreement with The Celtic Manor

Anyone who has not swum open water with NEWT before will be taken into a separate group for these sessions to received additional advice and coaching regardless of experience or ability.


All members – please remember - you must have attended a pool session on Tuesday or Thursday a maximum of two weeks in advance of each OW session. This will be checked via our club electronic attendance registers, taken at every session.

Anyone showing as not attended pool, in the previous two weeks of that specific OW session, will not be permitted to participate.

Members only - no exceptions


Please note the open water swimming policy here


Essential kit list

  • Wetsuit

  • Trisuit/swim suit and rash vest depending on how cold you get

  • Bright coloured hat (black, white, grey and navy will not be suitable)

  • Googles

  • Lubricant for wetsuit rash on neck

  • Flip flops/footwear to lake edge

  • Neoprene hats, gloves and boots can be used in training if required (note: this are not allowed in races)

  • Towels

  • Warm clothes - particularly warm hat and socks

  • Hot drink in flask /coke

BASE Phase 1 - October - December


Tuesday - Aerobic Endurance

Thursday - Technique

For all Swim Session Objectives from October - December see here

Archived Training Sessions

At the link below, you will find all the training sessions from 2013's Tuesday and Thursday night sessions:

Click on the link to open the folder, and print off, save or copy and paste the sessions to your computer.

Do not highlight and drag the documents out of the folder as this will remove them completely


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